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  • Alwin and his cute companion make a lovely display pair.

    Alwin is made from stunning German mohair with German glass eyes and is fully jointed. He is 36cm (14") high and has pellets in his tummy to give him a lovely weight. His cute companion is made from a cool short artificial two toned fur and has glass beads in his tummy for weight and a wired tail and claws. He is fully jointed and stands 15cm tall.

    Complete with signed certificate and photo. 



    Alwin comes with his two favourite Dickens books and the small book he is reading is a Shakespear. All are vintage together with his lovely horn rimmed glasses. He has a scarf to keep him warm and a pocket watch so he knows when it is dinner time. He sits on a miniature hand made rug. Complete with ALL accessories shown.


    Edition: Bear 1/2, Accessories 1/1

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