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  • Beaty is absolutely fabulous with all her different costumes for you to choose from!

    She is made from lovely soft wavy German mohair with German glass eyes and is fully jointed. 

    Complete with signed certificate and photo.



    Heather has made all of her different costumes except for her stunning late 1880's(?) Victorian beaded black mourning collar seen hanging on the stand. You can have lots of fun changing her outfits to suit your mood! Her evening dress also includes Victorian beading on her bodice as does the coat stand. Her accessories include two fur stoles, one feather boa, hand (or should that be paw?) muff with beautiful brooch, a day and evening hat, beautiful velvet cape, evening purse containing a few suprises, pretty tea cup and pretty velvet hat box which holds some of the above accessories. She gets her name from the 1900 Birthday book and she always smells nice from the perfume bottle. Phew! Think that covers everything!! 

    She stands 45cm (18") tall on the revolving stand.


    Edition: Bear 1/4, Accessories 1/1


    Price on application

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