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Bluey & Sprat Kitsets

  • HeightBluey 33cm or 13", Sprat 24cm or 9 1/2" Pattern.            

    Skill Level: Both Medium.

    Bluey and Sprat are very cute Little Blue Penguins which can be made as either puppets OR stuffed soft toys. Bluey is a full hand puppet. The smaller Sprat can be a finger puppet or you can stuff him as a soft toy. These gorgeous penguins can be found around the coast of New Zealand. There is enough fur in the kit to make BOTH Bluey and Sprat.

    Pattern only: NZ$18.95 (includes BOTH Bluey and Sprat)

    Kitset with pattern: NZ$55.00 blue and white acrylic makes BOTH penguins

    The kit contains the pattern, synthetic furs, feet & nose fabric, pipe cleaners for his toes and safety eyes.

    Extra Body kit: for those of you who have already made them and have the pattern and would like to make another. We sell an extra body kit (makes both penguins) for $38.00.

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