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Gertrude Kitset

  • Height: 30cm or 38, 12" or 15" sitting giraffe.

    Skill Level: Medium


    Gertrude is certainly a little different in this great fur! We have given her 2 different neck lengths as it depends on how tall the trees are in your garden. She has a jointed head and front legs. She looks fantastic with her long eyelashes.

    Pattern only: NZ$18.00

    Kitset with pattern: NZ$59.00 spotted fur LIMITED EDITION

    The kits contains the pattern, fantastic spotted fur, foot pad & ear fabric, tail & maine fur, head & leg joints, pipe cleaners, pom poms, safety eyes, nose beads, mouth & claw thread.

    Please Note - this is a different pattern from Jeffery due to the completely different fabric type.

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