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  • Carrie is a gorgeous bear who would love to share your dressing table. You won't even need to share your brush set as she has her own vintage set!

    She is made from lovely soft wavey German mohair with German glass eyes and is fully jointed. She is weighted with plastic pellets to give her a lovely feel. She is 33cm (13") high.

    Complete with signed certificate and photo.



    Carrie gets her name from vintage post card. Complete with everything you see and we are sure Carrie would even let you borrow anything you don't already have. Her hat is removable using our special magnets. This lovely display piece sits in a beautiful vintage silver dressing set with vintage hat pins. She has extra lace collars so you can change her look. Complete with the vintage lace doily.

    Edition: Bear 1/3, Accessories 1/1

    Price on application

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