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Jeffery Kitset

  • Height: 30cm or 38, 12" or 15" sitting giraffe.

    Skill Level: Medium

    Jeffery is certainly a little different. We have given him 2 different neck lengths as it depends on how tall the trees are in your garden. The photo shows his with the taller neck so 38cm but you can choose when you make him.  He has a jointed head and front legs. He looks fantastic with his eyelashes.

    Pattern only: NZ$18.00

    Kitset with pattern: NZ$45.00 velour

    The kits contains the pattern, fantastic short pile velour fabric, foot pad & ear fabric, tail & maine fur, head & leg joints, pipe cleaners, pom poms, safety eyes, nose beads, mouth & claw thread.

    Please Note - for those of you who made our previous giraffe - Gertrude. This is actually a completely new pattern to suit this short pile velour. Sadly, we are unable to get any more of Gertrudes fabric.

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