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Jennifer Kitset

  • Height25cm or 10" Pattern.            

    Skill Level: Beginner+.

    Jennifer is a great starter pattern and she can be made as either a fun hand puppet OR stuffed soft toy. Perfect as a starter kit for a crafty child (10+ with a little sewing experience) but you don't need to be a beginner as Jennifer is just so cute. I named her after my pet guinea pig I had as a child. 

    We offer Jennifer in a selection of 6 different fabrics as you can see. All look really cute but the longer hair options are a little more difficult because of the fur length.

    Pattern only: NZ$15.00

    Kitset with pattern: NZ$29.00

    The kit contains the pattern, synthetic fur, feet & ear felt, safety eyes and muzzle nose.


    Extra Body Kit: For those of you who have already made Jennifer and want to make more we have extra body kits available (NO pattern included). Just contact us for the ones you would like. Cost is $18 each.

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