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Kiwi Iti (small) Kitset

  • Height: Iti - 22cm or 8 1/2" with Rewi - 31cm or 12" Pattern is for BOTH.

    Skill Level: Medium.

    Rewi and Iti are our gorgeous Kiwis. The pattern has both Kiwis - Iti can be made as a finger puppet or soft toy while Rewi can be made as either a hand puppet or soft toy. They have large feet with wrinkley fabric legs filled with pipe cleaners so you can pose them. We have Iti available in 2 different furs for the kits - the short brown and a funky long two toned tipped fur. 

    Pattern only: NZ$18.00

    Kitset with pattern: Iti (small) NZ$29.90 brown acrylic

    Kitset with pattern: Iti (small) NZ$31.90 funky long 2 toned tipped acrylic

    The kits contains pattern, synthetic fur, feet & beak fabric, pipe cleaners for his legs and sew-in eyes and nostral beads (NOT INFANT SAFE!).

    Extra Body Kit: For those of you who have already made Iti and want to make more we have extra body kits available. Iti is $15.00 in brown and $17 in the longer fur.

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