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  • Louise believes you can never have too much purple in your life. Am sure you will agree!

    She is made from a soft gold German mohair with German glass eyes and is fully jointed. Louise is weighted with plastic pellets to give her a lovely feel. She is 36cm (14 inches) high.

    Complete with signed certificate and photo. 

    Accessories: Louise is wearing a fabulous ensemble of purple with two different lace collars along with two feather boas so you can change her look. She has three different vintage hat pins - in purple of course. Her pearl necklace and matching earrings complement her purple really well. Heather has made her stunning hat which feathures our unique magnets for positioning. She sits on three seperate lace doilies (two of them are vintage) and she gets her name from the 100 (?) year old post card.

    Edition:  Bear 1/5, Accessories 1/1

    Price on application

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