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  • Madeline is a rather studious bear and loves to read although after a tipple of her favourite Irish whiskey she can be rather more lively!

    She is made from a gold wavy German mohair with German glass eyes and is fully jointed. Madeline is weighted with plastic pellets to give her a lovely feel. She is 29cm (11.5 inches) high.

    Complete with signed certificate and photo. 



    Madeline will look splendid in your collection and her hat is removable using our special magnets. She gets her name from the 1875 poetry book. Complete with ALL accessories shown including the antique glasses, several old books including the one she is reading called The Way of Friendship and her Irish whiskey with glass. Draped over the box is pretty lace with a vintage gold beaded decoration. All this collections sits on a 1934 Punch magazine that we are sure you will enjoy!


    Edition:  Bear 1/6, Accessories 1/1


    Price on application

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