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  • It probably doesn't need too much imagination to know who  inspired this creation! Nigella loves to cook and am sure she will inspire you to whip up a treat.

    She is made from a wavy German mohair with German glass eyes and is fully jointed. Nigella has plastic pellets in her tummy to give her a lovely feel. She is 38cm (15 inches) high.

    Complete with signed certificate and photo. 



    Nigella is surrounded by her favourite vintage cooking utensils including her Tala icing set complete with box, her whisk, rotary grater, pasta cutter, knife sharpener, pastry cutters, silver salt shaker and knapkin set and a new egg timer. Please forgive me if some of the names are wrong as cooking was never my strong point - unlike eating.....!  Also she has her vintage books on decroating and icing cakes. This fabulous display piece sits beautifully in a wooden box which sits on a stunning vintage butterfly hand embroidered doily! There are 2 matching smaller doilies sitting in side the box. Complete with ALL accessories shown.


    Edition: Bear 3/5, Accessories 1/1


    Price on application

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