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  • Ophelia is getting prepared to go to a special Civic Reception for our Prime Ministers return from Great Britain.!

    She is made from a gold wavy/feathered German mohair with German glass eyes and is fully jointed. Ophelia is weighted with plastic pellets to give her a lovely feel. She is 36cm (14 inches) high.

    Complete with signed certificate and photo. 



    Ophelia looks absolutely splendid sitting in her box draped with a luxurious velvet shawl. She is trying to decide what to wear for the Civic Reception and has a fine selection of jewellery in front of her on the vintage manicure tray together with spare pearl and jet necklaces. She aslo has her lace and feather boa, vintage powder compact, vintage hair net, brush and flower posie. One her arm is a superb folding pair of opera glasses and her vintage watch (not working). To steady her nerves she has a small bottle of whiskey and glass. Complete with ALL accessories shown including the 1941 invitation to this special Civic Reception to meet the Rt. Hon. P. Fraser.


    Edition:  Bear 2/6, Accessories 1/1


    Price on application

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