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Ratty Kitset

  • Height: 24cm or 9 1/2" sitting rat.

    Skill Level: Medium to advanced.

    Ratty is from a 'Funky Fabric' collection of designs we have brought out. This is the rat for you if you are wanting something a little different. You can even dress them up like we have done - its amazing how much character a few safety pins or clips can give. He has a jointed head and you will probably find him easier to sew by machine due to the fabric. 

    Pattern only: NZ$18.00

    Kitset with pattern: NZ$38.00

    The kits contains the pattern, acrylic fur, fabric, felt claws, joint, sew-in eyes (not baby safe) and whiskers. You will need to provide 6 buttons for attaching the arms, legs and ears.

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