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Rowan Alpacca & Mohair Kitsets

  • Height: 20cm or 8" Pattern.

    Skill LevelMedium.


    Rowan is a gorgeous small traditional style, fully jointed bear. Seen here in a variety of pretty alpacca fabrics along with one gold mohair. You can also make him or her heavy with glass beads (150g) to give them more 'substance'.

    Pattern only: NZ$16.95

    Kitset only: NZ$49.00 in Pale Pink Alpacca, NZ$49.00 in Ginger Alpacca, NZ$49.00 in Dark Grey Alpacca, NZ$49.00 in Pale Blue Alpacca, NZ$49.00 in Dark Pink Alpacca, NZ$49.00 in Pale Gold mohair. All are complete with full pattern, fabric, joints, glass eyes (not child safe!) and nose thread.

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