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Rowan Alpacca & Mohair Kitsets

  • Height: 20cm or 8" Pattern.

    Skill LevelMedium.


    Rowan is a gorgeous small traditional style, fully jointed bear. Seen here in a variety of pretty alpacca fabrics along with one gold mohair. You can also make him or her heavy with glass beads (150g) to give them more 'substance'.

    Pattern only: NZ$16.95

    Kitset only: NZ$49.00 in Pale Pink Alpacca, NZ$49.00 in Ginger Alpacca, NZ$49.00 in Dark Grey Alpacca, NZ$49.00 in Pale Blue Alpacca, NZ$49.00 in Dark Pink Alpacca, NZ$49.00 in Pale Gold Alpacca (not shown in photo but same length and texture as the pink). All are complete with full pattern, fabric, joints, glass eyes (not child safe!) and nose thread.

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