Spike 'albino' Hedgehog

  • Spike is our cute little Hedgehog who rolls up when he gets nervous or when you tickle his tummy. He has a very special feature which allows him to stay closed. Spike comes with his flower which you can display in the gift box, place in a bowl or wine glass or just have fun with him. He is a delightful handful and been extremely popular – in fact we wish they could breed by themselves as they are quite difficult to make. This 'abino' version has a lighter coloured spikey fabric but everything else is the same as with the normal Spike.

    We normally have both sexes available. Please note - sexing our Spikes is fraught with difficulty but we will do our best to give you your desired boy or girl.

    He is made from a wonderful 'spikey' German mohair. Overall length when he's open is 10cm (4 inches).

    Spike is an open edition.


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