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  • SORRY Thomas has found a new 'forever home'!

    Thomas loves to go for a drive! He has his driving liscence and is saving up to buy a car but sadly he only has enough to purchase the speedometer so it will be a very long process. 

    He is made from feathered gold German mohair with German glass eyes and is fully jointed. He is weighted with plastic pellets to give him a lovely feel. He is 36cm (14") high.

    Complete with signed certificate and photo. 



    Thomas gets his name from his 1944 drivers liscence. He also has his  vintage driving medals from 1942 through 1946 for 'safe driving' skills. He like to read about cars and has his vintage repair guide and sits on a 1934 Punch magazine with an advertisement of the car he wants to get. We are sure you will enjoy reading the Punch humour. Complete with ALL accessories shown.


    Edition: Bear 4/5, Accessories 1/1


    Price on application

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