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Winston Kitset

  • Height: 33cm or 13" (+ tail) Pattern.

    Skill Level: Medium.

    Winston is a gorgeous possum who can be made as either a fun hand puppet OR soft toy. He is definitely eco friendly as we haven't given him a mouth - that way he can't eat our native plants or birds. Great fun for young or old and a completely new possum for you to love. There are a few different furs you can make him out of, from more natural to very funky and fun versions!  Pop him over a drinks bottle when not using him and he looks just like a stuffed toy.

    Pattern only: NZ$18.95

    Kitset with pattern: NZ$49.95

    The kits contains: Pattern, synthetic fur, paw & nose fabric, pipe cleaners for his fingers and safety eyes and bag of pellets for his tail.

    Extra Body Kit: For those of you who have already made Winston and want to make more we have extra body kits available. Contact us and let us know which fur pack you would like  $35.00 (not including pattern).

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